Campus Cruiser began in 1978 with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). At the time, there were only three employees working in the Campus Cruiser department. The program’s purpose was to provide added security to those traveling on or near campus. Today, Campus Cruiser continues to provide safe and efficient transportation options to the university and its community.

Over the years, Campus Cruiser has grown by leaps and bounds. The program, now under the management of USCTransportation, is one of the largest student-run safe ride home programs in the country. There are over 115 employees, 24 Campus Cruiser vehicles, including three hybrids, 8 Ford Windstar vans and one van for disabled passengers. In 2001, Campus Cruiser’s operations became entirely computer-based. Through the combined efforts of an external vendor and in house programming, a first-of-its-kind application to track and manage calls was developed, deployed, and is now in use 8 hours a day every day. All vehicles in the Campus Cruiser fleet are now equipped with cellular tracking devise as well as two-way text communication terminals. Every call we handle is dispatched over these terminals.

The USC Campus Cruiser program today, offers safety escorts during the evening hours by providing a walking or vehicle escort within the University of Southern California community


Our mission is to provide a safe, courteous, efficient, and reliable service to and from a residence or any campus facility within our boundaries. Courtesy to our customers begins with a smile and ends with a safe arrival at your destination. We want our customers to have a consistent and enjoyable experience every time they call for our services.


The vision of the Campus Cruiser service is to become the most well-known student run organization in the nation. We will be the escort service that is the model for all other University escort programs. By adhering to our core values of safety, respecting one another, having fun as a team, and providing legendary customer service, we will make the USC community a safer place.